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Past Player Profile - Brian Kann
Date of Event : Thu Jan 9, 2014 11:56AM

Brian Kann played 52 games for Fitzroy from 1951-52 until 1959-60, and was a member of the 1953-54 Premiership Team. In his career he made 671 runs as a middle order batsman, averaging 13.15 and took 19 wickets at an average of 27.36 bowling leg-spin. Brian came to Fitzroy as a 14 year old and started in the 3rd XI. He lived in Hawthorn but had relatives in McKean Street in Fitzroy and their address was given to make him a Fitzroy player. He was a student at Melbourne High School, and was a member of a Victorian Schoolboys Cricket Team that played in Brisbane, and a Victorian Schoolboys Football Team that played in Perth.
Brian's first 1st XI game was against Carlton, aged 18, where he batted number 6 facing Victorian opening bowlers Ted Leehane and Jim Baird.
The highlights Brian remembers include the 1953-94 Premiership, with the final fought out against Prahran. It was a tight game in which Fitzroy trailed on first innings after Prahran batted first. During his partnership with Peters, Brian had an altercation with Sam Loxton. He had played a streaky shot and was given a Loxton mouthful, to which he responded and the pair shaped up. Ron Wright, the Test umpire in charge of the game separated and rebuked them -- telling them they would be reported for unseemly conduct!  After the game he admonished them again, but only reprimanded them and did not report them.

1953-54 Premiership Side

Brian also played in another final in 1957-58, which was lost to Carlton. He remembers Merv Harvey as being a classical player who would have played many more Test matches, but for the war. He also regards Bill Jacobs as one of the biggest influences on his career and how he played the game, and holds him in the highest esteem. Another highlight was dismissing Bill Lawry first ball to be on a hat-trick. After a big appeal was turned down, he took a wicket next ball to have 3 wickets in an over.

After leaving Fitzroy Brian coached Mont Albert to 2 premierships, and played for Merton CC in Wimbledon, England. From there he was selected to play in a tour game against the West Indies, but could not play as he was booked to travel overseas. Outside of cricket, Brian also played football for Hawthorn from 1954. He played in the first Hawthorn team to play in the finals in 1957, and captained the reserves to premierships in 1958 and 1959. He was a Director of the Hawthorn Football Club for 18 years and the VFL/AFL for 6 years.

Brian is married with 5 children, has a Bachelor of Economics degree, and was a teacher and School Principal. He was later involved in tax consultancy, and was a company secretary. His current interests include Rotary in Sorrento, and Probus. 

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