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Congratulations Dandy!
Date of Event : Tue Apr 3, 2018 7:05PM

We fought hard in the Grand Final but came up short. Dandenong played better cricket on the weekend over 3 days,.We didn't stop trying. Congratulations to the Vero first eleven for their effort in making the grand final and for playing the game in the true spirit of cricket.


There were plenty of speeches made after the game. Dicko made his in the rooms and emotions were running high as he wished  Frithy and his best mate Mashy well after playing their last games for the club. Both have made significant contributions in their time at the club. Frithy has been a match winner since his arrival four years ago. The coach MOS isn't supposed to have favorites but he was very obvious about Frithos being his number one...and we loved it! Mashy has done it all at the club. His legacy lives on with the players he recruited as his time as coach. A Victorian representative and premiership player with the club....he deserves his retirement as he has nothing else left to prove.


MOS was his usual positive self. Emotional yes, but he summed up the season so well. We arrived at the Junction Oval as the champion club and left as the champion club. To win grand finals you have to be in them. The Vero first eleven has won 9 out of its last 10 final games....a record all clubs would love to have.


It was back to the rooms for more speeches and an opportunity to gather as a club and celebrate a wonderful season. 


To all supporters thank you for coming. To all of the committee and helpers..thank you. To all of the players and coaching staff...thank you for a memorable that will be part of club history, of club folklore. As Pres Cookie described...sometimes you dont realise that you are in fact part of history until you reflect and look back. Everyone who had something to do with this season can now claim that they contributed to our club winning the club championship. A memorable year in club history!









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