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Vero First Eleven Wins...
Date of Event : Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:30PM

The results on the weekend didn't go our way with only the Vero first eleven staying in the hunt for Premiership glory. It was a hard fought win after setting a small total. The bowlers did it again.


It still been an amazing year with the Club Championship win.Two weeks ago we all celebrated the Club Championship. Only once before in the last 10 years has a club broken the 700 point barrier for the season..we finished on 703.


In the rooms that night the O'Sullivan clan had also gathered to celebrate Micks 500th game. Gerard Dowling spoke well and summed up the great man very accurately. If you could have a degree in people skills MOS would be the king. When MOS spoke he didn't mention any of his many achievements in cricket but chose the moment to mention the great people he has met and the support of his wife and fantastic family...he is ever humble.


After this the players settled down to count down the Don Patrick medal. Trent Lawford was a worthy winner by 2 votes from Mick Sachetta.







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