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Season 2017-18 Here we go!
Date of Event : Mon Sep 4, 2017 8:11PM

The Next Job......

The season is approaching and our "supercoach" Mick O'Sullivan has left no stone un-turned in his quest to produce quality cricketers who are first and foremost quality people.


The playing group has been training indoors and outdoors to look at ways of capitalizing on the success of our first eleven for the last two seasons. Its so important to take the success that the first eleven has experienced and learn from it for the benefit of all.


The Torquay preseason camp was another huge success. Many great discussions were had on how the playing group needs to improve and how they will go about their business for 2017-18 season.


A great focus will be completing the next job. In other words working hard to attack this season step by step. Breaking up the season into weeks and breaking up each game into parts. The next hour..the next over..the next ball. All the sum of our clubs success will be measured by the sum of its parts.


First game is October 7 against Melbourne. A one day fixture that our playing group is looking forward to. We cant wait!


Last updated: Sunday October 8, 2017 8:23PM