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Back to Back!!!!
Date of Event : Tue Mar 7, 2017 3:57PM




What a huge weekend in the clubs History. A premiership is special any time. Back to Back Premierships ensure that this era goes down in History as well. Our clubs success is not counted in Premierships. It is counted in our values and actions. If we do what we say we are going to do and behave in a way that supports those values success will follow....and it has! 


When Graeme Cook took over as President 4 years ago he had a vision to build upon the successes of the past. He leads our club as it should be lead. Placing the right people in the right positions and building a strong and positive club culture of respect honesty and trust.  This is all part of what Graeme does and does well. Well done Cookie!


Congratulations to Michael O'Sullivan, Peter Dickson and all of the players who played on the weekend. Also congratulations to the entire playing list who continued to train and support the club during the finals series. It was very evident on the weekend that the support for our Firsts team was strong. People in club colours circled the ground and during the presentation ceremony, we out-numbered the opposition supporters 2 to 1.


Points to note...

There were 3 players different to last year's side....


We lost Duckworth and Perrin last year...they were replaced by Moore and the final they both took 4-59!


Mash was the other player who came into the side from last year...he made 96.


Congratulations to Melbourne Captain Matt Brown on winning the John Scholes Medal with his unbeaten 134. Dicko acknowledged his effort by saying it was one of the best innings he had seen...and it was. Dicko is an expert in recogising great efforts in Grand Finals after his innings last year. Hats off also to Melbourne for the way they fought it out. Not one batsman threw their innings away. They batted extremely well under enormous pressure never ever gave an inch.


Only 5 out of 16 experts tipped us to win even though we were the reigning premiers and finished 3rd on the Ladder....we loved that.....Click  here  to read


A big night was had by all and a rousing rendition of the Fitzroy song could be heard across the rolling hills of Doncaster.





Victoria Street Mordialloc Mordialloc
Victoria Street Mordialloc Mordialloc

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