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Johns Lyng Group - Welcome Back
Date of Event : Sun Sep 4, 2016 10:56AM









We welcome the Johns Lyng Group back to our growing list of club sponsors. Scott Didier has been a long time supporter of local sporting clubs and has thrown his support our way. We love the fact that Johns Lyng is a local Doncaster business and we can align ourselves with such a successful organisiation. Thank you Johns Lyng.

So what do they do?

Johns Lyng constantly exceed building quality standards, meaning great outcomes for our clients. We ensure the right people, with the correct technical skills, are deployed immediately. Johns Lyng Group has the capability to deliver emergency building works across all sectors, including fire / flood damaged structures affected by natural disasters. Our teams offer the flexibility to deliver small and large loss building works, with a successful outcome as our main priority every time.


Here is their website:

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