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Hall of Fame 2020
Date of Event Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club : Thu May 16, 2019 2:58PM

The Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club is pleased to advise that it is planning to convene the 4th Hall of Fame function in February next year.

The club has a long existence (over 150 years) and rich history. We have had many players who have represented our country, the latest of course being Glenn Maxwell. We hope to bring another of our Test greats and member of Bradman’s Invincibles side of 1948, Neil Harvey down from Sydney for the function once again.

As at previous functions, we intend to induct players and an administrator into the club’s hall of fame.

It is our hope to have many current hall of famers attend, and we will also have great pleasure to announce one of those as a new club legend.

Whilst the function will honour new and past inductees it will be a wonderful opportunity to renew acquaintances with people we have lost contact with.
Finally, we would like to ask your assistance. Previously we have been having to confirm attendance with people in the days leading up to the function date, this time we would like people to advise their intention to attend (or not) as soon as possible after receiving this communication. See below. Ideally this would be a return email:

I will at this stage attend (with/without partner), or I am unable to attend at this stage.

That said, our data base of names is not as up to date as we would like, so if you know of people who would like to attend we would appreciate your assistance by advising us of those names as well.

If you are not able to email, or would prefer to call, you can contact me on 0412 550 740 or Alan Melbourne on 0417 189 222.

Hope to see you next February.

Jeff Harvey
Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee

Last updated: Tuesday September 10, 2019 2:15PM
Author: Rowan Kayll