Club Profile History and Records | Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club

Club Profile History and Records


Chairman Mr. Graeme Cook
Secretary: Ms Alice Barrow
Representatives: Mr. Tim Considine
Ground: Schramm's Reserve, Doncaster
Telephone: 9840 2776
Colours: Maroon & Gold
Coach: Michael O'Sullivan
Assistant Coach: Rick Cullinan
  Steve Cashen Phil Lovell
1st XI Captain: Peter Dickson
2nd XI Captain:  
3rd XI Captain:  
4th XI Captain:  




The History of Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club dates back to 1862 and its a History that its members and supporters are very proud of.


Each new player receives a copy of the History Book that is produced by Alan Melbourne. It highlights the many achievements by the club and its players over the last 156 years!


It contains all of the historical records and statistics as well.


Download it...its a ripper read!!


Download a copy HERE


Annual Reports


Also our Annual Reports have a wealth of Statistics and Information from years gone by. Go to Annual Reports under Records on the website. 




The clubs historical records were donated to the Yarra Library in 2013. There is a wealth of information about the club and in particular the very early years in the 1800's. They have been archived and stored in the Local History section . Here is the document that lists what has been handed over. click HERE